Trey Smith Biography: Unusual author with an unusual story.
Trey Smith Biography: Unusual author with an unusual story.

Trey Smith (Brian "Trey" Smith) was born in Houston, Texas. His childhood bestfriend was Jason Murdock, only son of the TV minister Mike Murdock.

While growing up, both boys decided to enroll at Christ for the Nations, a large Christian seminary school located in Dallas, Texas. It was during this time that Trey Smith felt his life became very dark, particularly through private interactions with Jason's father, Mike Murdock. This would ultimately lead to the safe robbery described in Trey Smith's book, Thieves.

Smith initially went to Mexico following the safe robbery. It was there that he claims to have "grown-up fast." Smith's claim of the contents of the Murdock safe is very different from the minister's claim in the police report filed in 1999. Trey Smith wrote the bulk of Thieves in a Colorado jail on notebook paper while serving time for unrelated charges. Smith says that, "Things just progressed; like boiling a frog. Under the Murdock mindset I had allowed in.... darkness and comprimise had become my nature. Believe me, you're head has to be really screwed up when ripping off a TV pastor seems like a good idea. That moment changed everything in my life. And, although I blamed Mike (Murdock) for a lot of years, it wasn't his fault. My own choices are what created the train wreck of a life that you read in Thieves. One of the best decisions I ever made was to stop blaming the past... take in a deep breath.... and kick the demons of hollow emptiness out of my life. I did that in a jail cell...."

Thieves is currently Trey Smith's best known material, the draw being that it is a true and unusual story. It was produced on virtually no budget and (although it is not an expose, but a narrative written in the fashion of a novel) most of its initial support was from volunteers who felt they had been effected negatively by "mega-ministries pastors.".

In 2010, Trey Smith wrote a 300+ page memoir for a retired executive of the Coors Brewing Company, the man credited for taking the company from a net worth of 10 million to reaching its first billion dollar mark.

Also in 2010, Trey Smith began compiling materials he had written during the years after the safe robbery (some while actually in Mexico). The materials are highly spiritual and seem to appeal to intellectuals. It is called the, God in a Nutshell Project. Trey Smith also runs the Trey's Nutshell Video Blog.

Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him is Trey Smith's life story. It was released 2011.


In July of 2011, D Magazine (Dallas based magazine with a distribution of 4 hundred thousand) ran a full page drawing (to left) of Trey Smith stealing Mike Murdock's safe. The article was titled, Pastor's Pawn. Accompanied with the drawing and article was the first 4,000 words of Trey Smith's book, Thieves (nearly all of chapter one).
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